Schriever Air Force Base - Air and Space Integration Facility (ASIF)


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

General Contractor:

PCL Construction



Benham Companies & Leidos

Project Duration:

The ASIF facility is a 67,800 SF single-story facility located in Colorado Springs and connected to a one-story facility (STEF) that was also under construction at the same time. This facility is utilized extensively for computer operations and serves the operational and administrative functions for all groups that comprise the Space Innovation and Development Center (SIDC) at Schriever AFB.

The majority of the facility is has a 30 inch high raised flooring system acting as a supply air plenum.  Both ASIF and STEF share common chilled water and hot water heating generation systems located in a central mechanical room between the two facilities.

The design philosophies of ASIF and STEF were basically the same, utilizing central air handling units on the roof, to supply conditioned air under the raised floor plenum.  Modulating automatic control dampers located at all under floor supply air openings into the under floor supply plenum provide control of the space temperature. Chilled water for both facilities is being supplied by four (4) air cooled chillers, located adjacent to Mechanical Room 1408.  Two (2) of the four chillers were installed under the STEF contract and the other two under the ASIF.  The chillers were piped in parallel, with a primary/secondary pumping sequence.  The heating hot water is shared by both facilities.

The exterior zones utilized 72 fan-powered terminal boxes (FPTB’s) with hot water reheat coils located throughout the perimeter of the raised floor data center.  The interior zones are conditioned from the modulating floor diffusers (MIT’s). The interior of the building also houses several Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) areas, necessitating special design and construction criteria and procedures, as well as a formal certification after construction is completed.