North Middle School


Colorado Springs School D 11

General Contractor:

Colorado Springs School D 11


Schendt Engineering Corp



Project Duration:


The primary project scope at the North Middle school project consisted of the addition of a full cooling system to a nearly 100-year-old building which had no previous air conditioning of any kind. This included the installation of a chiller and ice storage system outside of the facility in a sound-deadening louvered wall enclosure. For distribution, thousands of feet of CHW piping was added throughout the facility via a network of confined spaces such as tunnels & crawl spaces. The required CHW pumping systems were added to an extension of the existing basement mechanical rooms. In addition to replacing every unit ventilator in the building with new UV’s which provided both heating & cooling, HPE also replaced the existing AHU’s and RTU’s and added the necessary condensing units to provide Dx cooling in non-classroom areas such as the gym and cafeteria areas. Additional scope above the base cooling scope which HPE managed included: power and lighting upgrades throughout the building, new structural support components for rooftop mechanical equipment, interior flooring & ceiling demolition and replacement, misc. exterior cosmetic upgrades, HVAC control upgrades to the existing HW systems, added roof access points and fall protection, and roofing repairs and modifications.