Denver University - Ruffatto Hall


University of Denver

General Contractor:

Adolfson & Peterson


Eaton Energy Solutions, Inc.


Bennett, Wagner & Grody

Project Duration:

A 72,000 sf, four story academic building located on the DU campus.  The project was built to house primarily offices and meeting rooms for the academic staff at the Universtiy.  HPE performed the installation of the plumbing, HVAC piping, HVAC ductwork and refrigeration piping.  Insulation, Test Adjust Balancing (TAB) and temperature controls were subcontracted.  The building was designed to achieve LEED Silver and utilized enhanced commissioning prior to turn over to the owner.

The mechanical system was comprised of multiple indoor air handlers with a vav/ hot water reheat distribution.   The attic space was used as the mechanical room and required extensive coordination to insure our ability to rig the AHU’s into the space, provided adequate maintenance space and to insure proper clearances for the required ductwork and piping systems. Steam and condensate mains from the campus central plant were piped to the building and converted to heating hot water. Chilled water was also piped underground from distribution mains to the building and connected to the building chilled water system via a heat exchanger.