Conejos K-12


South Conejos School District

General Contractor:

GE Johnson Construction Company


M.E. Group


Wold Architects & Engineers

Project Duration:

Major equipment included (1) VRF systems, consisting of (14) VRF cassette units, along with (2) Energy Recovering AHU’s, (1) conventional AHU, (4) packaged RTU’s, (2) MAU’s, (50) VAV’s, (62) sections of baseboard fin tube radiant heating, (2) boilers, as well as several pumps fans, unit heaters and smaller equipment throughout the building.

The Conejos PK-12 project was a ground-up new build school serving all of South Conejos County. Significant challenges included the remoteness of the project and the aggressive schedule (10 months). Also, being located in the San Luis Valley, the inclement weather faced during the early phases of the job created delays and thus the need to make up time when spring arrived so as to not risk delaying the turnover to the South Conejos School District and start of school in mid-August 2015. Full BIM modeling and up front coordination allowed this turnover date to be met.

The building's heating is primarily provided via a hot water boiler system utilizing baseboard radiant panels along with hydronic AHU’s & ERV’s. Building cooling is provided via a combination of DX & evaporative cooling at the various roof top air handling units. The administrative offices of the building utilize a Mitsubishi VRF system with (14) cassettes for both heating & cooling duties. This project achieved LEED Gold status.