Colorado State University - Moby Arena Renovation


Colorado State University

General Contractor:

Pinkard Construction



Aller Lingle Massey Architects

Project Duration:

The Moby Training Room Renovation at Colorado State University covered the addition of a new training center including a new training room, exam rooms, doctors offices, a taping area, a hydrotherapy pool area, renovations to the men’s and women’s basketball locker rooms and a new mechanical room. Mechanical systems on this project included a small split system air conditioner for the electrical room, a dehumidification unit for the hydrotherapy area, two chillers, a condensing unit and cooling coil, four exhaust fans, three unit heaters, two cabinet unit heaters, eleven VAV’s, and rebuilding the existing air handler, including the addition of a VFD. A sewage ejector and sump pump were also added.