Colorado College - Spencer Center


Colorado College

General Contractor:

GH Phipps Construction Companies


Farris Engineering, Inc.


Keys & Associates

Project Duration:

CC Spencer Center was a renovation of at 100 year old building on the campus of Colorado College. The remodel was done using Mitsubishi VRF for the heating and cooling of the building. The VRF was tied into the campus chilled water loop in order to utilize the campus wide chilled water as the means of heat transfer. The most interesting portion of the VRF install on this project was the use of the VRF to heat the domestic water for the building. Mitsubishi has a heat exchanger that ties into their VRF system to accomplish this. In addition to the main part of the building, which was used to campus administrators, there was a small taco restaurant in the southwest end of the building. We had to install VRF in that space as well as install new grease duct. Plumbing systems were relatively simple on this project, we had to install new piping and fixtures for the men’s and women’s restrooms on each floor.