October 22, 2018

Congratulations to Team HPE's Sheet Metal fabrication team for being named our October, 2018 Crew of the Month!

The HPE Sheet Metal shop fabricates 95 % of the duct work that HPE installs across our large construction, Special Projects, and Service contracts.The expectation for sheet metal quality is essentially no defects or rework --so this team's performance is set at very high standard.

In addition to meeting all the sheet metal/HVAC duct work requirements of our existing projects, this team has also been involved with a special program that HPE CEO, Bill Eustace, has initiated in 2018 -- focusing on innovative installations. This program approach is centered around prefabrication to enhance product installation or material handling -- and targets anywhere from 2-3 projects which have unique design installation requirements or the opportunity to develop a method or process to enhance the efficiency of the installation. The installation concept is then put into design, prototyped, tested, approved, and then implemented.  This innovative approach to installation is executed on very aggressive schedule which demands a focused team effort around improvement.  

Our Sheet Metal shop has been the primary team behind driving this approach through implementation, fabrication, and delivery -- and the results speak for themselves: HPE has realized an immediate impact in the installation of complex heating systems at our Denver Water and SOVA on Grant projects -- as well as material handling improvements at the SOVA projects and a number of other projects in HPE's work program.  

Shown in this photo are Sheet Metal shop team members: Tim Kenyon, Clay Larsen,  Jordan Meikle,Omar Marquez, Hampton Reed, Nathan Gibson, Tom Henn, Kendra Lords, Thomas Olsen, Michael Baskerville, Gary Leak (Safety Manager), and  Bill Eustace (CEO). Bill Eustace would also like to recognize Keith Sterling and Theodore Meienberg on the team, who both spent most of the summer and fall in the shop and deserve to be recognized as well.  

Kudos to our amazing Sheet Metal shop for this recognition and for your key role in helping to advance HPE's innovation!