September 20, 2018

It was a beautiful day yesterday for Team HPE and a host of high school students to attend the 11th annual Construction Career Days of Southern Colorado event at Norris Penrose Event Center in CO Springs! Each year, industry partners and schools come together and engage the students in hands-on events, stationary equipment activities, and technology demonstrations -- in an effort to educate them about the variety of career opportunities available in the construction industry upon graduation from high school!

According to The Southern Colorado Construction Career Day Foundation, predictions indicate that the construction industry needs 250,000 new workers per year to meet future growth projections as the average age of workers in the skilled trades, nationwide, is 48 to 50 -- and many will be retiring in the near future. Events like Construction Career Days help to introduce students to the multitude of possibilities in the field of construction as they are making their first career path decisions.

These photos from the event show the students demonstrating laser focus in building HPE's long-time favorite 'pipe puzzle,' as well as HPE's J.P. Kennel demonstrating the difference between pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure as well as on-the-job safety with HPE's one-of-a-kind potato launcher!

Said HPE Talent Specialist, Leah Walton: "HPE is always impressed with the talent that attends this event from our local school districts and we always look forward to inviting them into our in-house plumbing apprenticeship program after graduation!" We were honored to participate!