December 7, 2018

Microchip contacted HPE to rebuild the sumps on theircooling towers. They needed the first two towers completed by the first ofJune. HPE just finished the first cooling tower which has four sumps each.


Microchip’s facility group filled the tower to test forleakage and everything was leak free! Micro Chip was very happy with ourapproach and the quality of HPE’s work. They stated they are working onarranging the funding for the other two towers and HPE will be seeing acontract for this portion as well.  


Ernie Fiorini was Special project manager and his crew CodyPort, Quade Doty, Jason Leblanc & Jared Abila.  They completed this project in two weeks,which was a week ahead of schedule.


See the before and after pictures of our projectat Micro Chip