February 1, 2019

Over the holidays, HPE Residential Service client, Mrs. Alma Leacock of Colorado Springs, had a problem.

Says Alma:

"HPE put my furnace in years ago, and over Christmas, the furnace started blowing cold air all night. The temps in my house were below freezing, so I took the batteries out of the thermostat to make it stop – but it kept blowing.

I’ve lived in my house since 1978 and never had that happen, before. I then went into the hospital and was very sick. HPE had other clients that day but made time to come to my house while I was in the hospital. Scott Tindall, HPE Service Technician, put a bypass on the furnace temporarily so the heat would come back on – and he changed my thermostat. When I was home two days later, he fixed the problem with spare parts, and it was done.

I’m telling you – that gentleman came and comforted me. I was in tears and he comforted me when  I needed it. He was so kind and caring –  I can’t say enough. It was more than paying the bill – I could not have done it without him. I was so grateful he was here.”

We're so happy everything worked out so well, Alma!

Just another example of HPE's level of attention on every service call...if you are in need of emergency residential service and are seeking afast and caring response, call 719.633.5571 at any time of day or night. We're standing by – ready to answer the call!