May 8, 2019

#Team HPE was excited to celebrate our Deer Trail K-12 team at the end of April with our first barbeque of the season – as this team was selected as our March, 2019 Crew of the Month!

According to Gary Leak, HPE Safety & Risk Manager, Heating & Plumbing Engineers selected the Deer Trail K-12 project team as the Crew of the Month due to its perseverance amidst several project challenges, including making great strides to keep up with the schedule despite a bumpy start as well as several delays. The team is building a new K-12 school for the Deer Trail school district and surrounding communities and has developed methods to manage a compressed schedule -- for example, all of the equipment, pumps,and piping for the school's mechanical room were prefabricated in HPE's weld shop and shipped to the project site. According to Leak, the interesting piece to this is that it all was shipped to the project on skids with the assemblies supported by unistrut framing before being hoisted to the location where the mechanical room was to be built. This meant the entire mockup of the mechanical room was walled in after staging the assemblies in their proper location within the mechanical room location. 

Our Deer Trail crew includes the following team members:

SHEETMETAL – Robert Pilarski (Site Superintendent), Evaldas Adamonis, and Derek Katits

PLUMBING& PIPING – Robert Shipman (Site Superintendent), Jason Sander, Mark Peter,Ben Thompson, Matt Newberg, Santino Santovena, Michael Vondra, Witold Debski

Given the site location (60 miles from Denver on I-70 and 110 miles from Colorado Springs), the team is comprised of sheet metal workers and plumbers from both our Denver and Colorado Springs offices – which helped the team with staffing solutions to keep the project on-schedule. There are always special challenges when building a project remotely from your operations base, but this group is making it happen -- kudos to our team for your amazing efforts and for being recognized as our March Crew of the Month!